Press Release

SouthCoat – On the Rising

In the last few years, SouthCoat has grown into becoming a significant player on the EMEA market for
Metal Packaging Coatings.

SouthCoat, based in Helsingborg, has a long history producing metal coatings, deriving back to the
1930’s. Over the years, SouthCoat has worked under several well known brands, such as Lindgens,
Flint Ink, and SydFerniss.

Total production capacity is currently around 6.000 tons/ year, split between Metal Packaging
Coatings and Coil Coatings.

In the Metal Packaging Coatings segment, SouthCoat supports customers’ special needs for reliable
and sustainable products. The competence base is broad, covering the latest technologies for all end
use applications, such as Food and General Line, Aerosols, Caps & Closures, Tubes & Monoblocs,
and Food Coil. In the portfolio SouthCoat also offers epoxy free, BPAni side seam powders.

Apart from Metal Packaging Coatings, SouthCoat has partnered up with PTE Coatings on Coil
Coatings. SouthCoat here takes care of production and logistics, whilst PTE Coatings cares for sales,
technical service and R&D. In just a couple of years, the partnership has achieved a significant
market share at European coil coaters with state of the art coatings.

For further information, please visit

Jonas Nelson
Managing Director, SouthCoat AB
+46-42-10 88 11